L-Theanine Oral Spray

Amorganic L-Theanine is a natural extract of Green Tea and not synthetic as are most other L-Theanine supplements.

L-Theanine is available as an oral spray in a Fulvic Acid solution for fast action and is generally active within 15 minutes from application.

The spray form also makes it easy to regulate dosage because each spray delivers about 25 mg L-Theanine. So, you can easily administer the ideal dosage for your individual requirements. The average dose is 100 mg and each dose is effective for up to 8 hours.

Maximum safe dosage has been estimated as 400 mg three times a day, although no serious side effects have been recorded even with larger doses.

Main researched benefits

  • ANTI-ANXIETY without drowsiness or diminished alertness. It is the ideal way of dealing with day-to-day stress, worry and anxiety.
  • ALPHA BRAINWAVE activity is increased. Alpha brainwaves are produced in meditation – deep relaxation with increased mental alertness. It is therefore an effective aid to deep meditation too.
  • LOWER BLOOD PRESSURE in hypertensive individuals.
  • PMS SYMPTOMS are reduced and general mood is enhanced.
  • ANTI-CANCER: L-Theanine has been found to increase the effectiveness of other anti-cancer agents.
  • SAFE:  No serious side effects have been recorded and it is regarded as safe enough to be included in foods and drinks.

Information for educational purposes. No medical claims are made.